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What is Bat Flip?

Bat Flip: The Team-Shuffling Baseball Card Game is a gamer’s love-letter to baseball.


Step into the role of manager. Build your team, shuffle it up, and then deploy it in an action-packed 3-inning game. Every player card is unique with its own special stats and abilities! Bat Flip features fast-paced strategic card play and endless replayability!

Bat Flip has successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now available here in the Bat Flip Store!

Combine two teams!

Inning by inning, decide how to hit, pitch and field.

React instantly to your opponent's players.

Utilize your best players and abilities in the most pivotal moments of the game.

Deploy over a hundred unique players each with their own distinct game-changing skills and abilities.

No dice. No spinners. 

Just you, your opponent, and the cards.

Bat Flip features eight original teams, each built around its own distinct baseball strategy or theme.  Each team plays completely differently!  For example, you can:

Flex your financial muscles as the New York Moneybags.

Bunt and steal your way to victory as the Sioux City Small Ballers.


Deliver take-out slides and headhunting pitches as the Detroit Dirt Bags. 


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Each team features a 12-card deck that contains a full lineup of completely unique player cards each with its own special abilities and stats.

Combine two teams to make your own dominant lineup!


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Wanna know about playtesting opportunities and get a heads up when the game is available?  Just click "Play Ball!"

Home Run!

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